Expanding Your Home? Trilogy Recommends Considering Building Out

Homeowners considering a build-out of their home are wise to consider all of their options. A second story is expensive and time-consuming, but building out also can provide more space, add a particularly functional room, and add significant value to your property. Here are a few of the simplest ways to accomplish this goal:

Enlarge a Room – One of the easiest ways to improve a kitchen, family room or other communal area is to give it a little more room. Relocating a single exterior room is quite affordable and provides significant bang for the buck in terms of money spent versus room created.

Add a Room Over the Garage – While a little more expensive, the area over a garage provides a space where almost anything is possible – a media, craft or game room.

Build an OutbuildingAdding some extra entertainment space is as easy as adding a pool house, a pergola or a backyard work space. In every case, you will free up space in the main house.

For more information on planning a home or its expansion, please contact us at Trilogy Partners.

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