Design a Beautiful, Sustainably Built Patio with the Help of Trilogy Partners

Colorado’s outdoor beauty is the perfect setting for patio entertaining and relaxing. And because we are ecologically diligent, we always look for ways to incorporate a sustainable design into an aesthetically pleasing setting. Eco-friendly materials include porous (pervious) concrete, stones and permeable pavers for better water movement in your yard. Landscaping with low-maintenance native plants and installing a “smart” irrigation system is another way to conserve water. Solar lighting is a great choice. Also, using LED outdoor lighting uses less electricity and may lower your electric bill, too.

  • As you prepare to build or renovate your patio area, Better Homes & Gardens offers design suggestions to consider:
  • Instead of an attached patio, utilize a spot that offers the most scenic vista or stage an area near a large tree.
  • Water gardens bring beauty and serenity to your yard.
  • Build your own fire pit! You can decide the size, and it can be a patio focal point.
  • Instead of traditional lines, think curves. Gentle, circular arrangements with your patio stones and plants create a striking visual in your yard.

Not only will your patio provide a charming venue for relaxation and entertaining, it will increase your Colorado home’s value.

image via Houzz

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