green building codes are meant to protect the environment that the building's community is located in. Source: Houzz

Green building codes are meant to protect the environment that the building’s community is located in. Source: Houzz

Different communities have different building codes. These building codes are meant to ensure the safety of the homeowner. There are also green building codes that you will have to abide by in different communities that are meant to help protect the environment that the community is located in.

Communities all over the country deal with various issues, from flooding and water pollution to droughts and smog. In order to keep these issues from occurring – or from getting too bad – green building codes are implemented. These codes establish a set of minimum standards for air quality, water consumption, storm water management, building efficiency, the toxicity of materials and general waste reduction. So, for example, in order to meet water conservation codes, you might have to meet certain requirements for your plumbing fixtures and landscape designs.

Many green building codes often help reduce the environmental impact by also prohibiting certain local plants and trees from being killed during the building of a new home. This would require you to take into account the environment of your property before beginning construction.

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