Too many people like to think of the outdoors and indoors as mutually exclusive and it really needn’t be this way. There is so much you can do with green home design when creating the ideal living space. What goes into building the ideal home then, and how can you make the most of both the external and internal?

blending indoor and outdoor spaces

Source: Trilogy Partners’ Facebook Page

  • Cross-ventilation can help to create the perfect atmosphere on a hot sunny day outside. Keeping the temperature at an acceptable standard is imperative and this also works when considering fireplaces for the cooler days.
  • Embrace the outdoors with large sliding glass doors to really accentuate the space. This will allow the blend between the two to be far more seamless.
  • Having a breeze is important as this will allow the air to be far fresher than it would be otherwise.
  • Architecture is helpful to keep in mind as you make the most of the space as it transitions from one to the other. This also goes for such elements as foliage too.

There’s plenty more ways to fully utilize the external and the internal with green home design. For further information contact an expert at Trilogy Partners to see how they can help you.

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