Trilogy Partners is proud to be producing a forum as part of the Breckenridge Film Festival on Saturday, September 23!

“Merging of Entertainment and Design” brings together top industry leaders from tech, design and film to discuss how technology advances from 3D Modeling to Virtual technologies are reshaping their careers and our lives. Screen the Colorado-based short film “Who I Am” about immigrant and first generation students in Ft. Morgan, CO. Try out the brand new, not even on the market yet (!!) HP Z VR Backpacks and tour a home through Augmented Reality.

If you are interested in technology, home design and construction, filmmaking, 3D modeling and visualization or the impact that we can have on our community development planning, then this is the place to be on Saturday, September 23.

Location: South Branch Library in the Hopeful and Discovery Rooms at 103 S Harris Street in Breckenridge, CO

Date: Saturday, September 23 from 4-6pm

Email to reserve your VIP spot as seating is limited. RSVP and share the event on Facebook.


Amy Hoeven is from a small rural town on the eastern plains and is a fourth generation native of Colorado. After she graduated from CSU in 1995 with a degree in Liberal Arts, she used her Communications and Technical Journalism training to pursue a career in communications and community outreach in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. In 2010, Amy was named Young Professional of the Year by the Fort Collins area Chamber of Commerce. Amy understands the importance of storytelling and believes everyone’s story adds value to their communities. In 2017, she was the Executive Producer of Who I Am, a Virtual Reality documentary film showcasing the work of first-generation CSU students mentoring immigrant and refugee high school students in Fort Morgan. Her ability to observe the environment around her, interact with people and recognize human connections allows her to be a compassionate and active member of society.

Jim Zafarana was with HP as Vice President and General Manager, Global Head of Workstations, Thin Clients, and Commercial Immersive, part of HP’s Personal Systems. In this role, he was responsible for business, innovation, and product strategy and execution, including Product Development, Product Management, and go-to-market strategy across the Workstations & Thin Clients worldwide. Prior to this role, Zafarana was Vice President and General Manager for the Workstation Global Business Unit, responsible for HP’s Workstation business in all market segments worldwide. Jim also has served as Vice President, Worldwide Marketing for HP’s Workstation business.

Kaden Strand is the CEO and founder of Blue Penguin VR, a custom solutions company blending software engineering, creative design, and practical problem solving to impact enterprise adoption and novel research for modern virtual and augmented reality technologies. Previously, Kaden led the cross-disciplinary Virtual Reality Initiative at Colorado State University to utilize immersive technology across research, curriculum, and outreach efforts under the CSU Vice President for Research.

Kyle Rasmussen had a dream to use his skills in journalism and media production to tell stories that could make an impact by allowing people to step into the shoes of others around the world. Kyle decided if BlueShoe Media was going to be telling stories around the world, that is exactly how it should start. He assembled a team of passionate students at Colorado State University to join him on a mission to film a full-feature documentary in India. This documentary about widows, would open the doors to a tremendous journey and make way for the dream to allow creatives with a passion to tell stories to have a place to create freely. Kyle has a heart for telling great stories and a passion for connecting with people through empathy. His dedication, commitment, and vision to tell meaningful stories is unparalleled.

Lindsey Stapay’s entrepreneurial spirit has guided many small and mid-size companies and not-for-profit organizations to not only realize their goals, but surpass expectations on many levels. Stapay has a wide-reaching vision for developing and delivering organizational messages and projects that, combined with her boundless energy and innovative ideas, makes her the perfect moderator for our discussion. Stapay graduated from Colorado State University’s 1st Construction Management and Built Environment Green Home Certificate Program. Since then she has been apart of some of the largest real estate development deals in Downtown Denver through her real estate brokerage firm of 10 years.

Michael Brightman has gained major industry recognition with his  book, “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture” — a guide that outlines his proprietary techniques and processes for using SketchUp Pro in every phase of the professional design process. Mike also created the highly popular ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro extension, which expedites the creation of construction documents in SketchUp Pro. At Brightman Designs, Mike’s goal is to provide his customers with core support services based on real-world design expertise, advanced visualization resources, and collaborative training.

Michael Rath is the CEO of Trilogy Partners and has been designing and building homes in the high country and beyond for over 20 years. His Project Management Modeling process is becoming nationally recognized as revolutionizing the design and build experience for clients by giving them back creativity, power and cost control through visualization and precise project management.










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We didn’t think that we would be here again so soon after Harvey….talking about another catastrophic hurricane that is affecting millions in the United States and the Caribbean. The islands of Barbuda, the United States Virgin Islands, Cuba and the British Virgin Islands were hit with a frightening Category 5 during Irma and the desire to help is just as strong as how we felt a few weeks after Harvey.

There are strong Trilogy ties to the Caribbean, particularly the Virgin Islands and Haiti. In addition to the great non-profits that we listed on our blog a couple weeks back, we wanted to share words, photos and rescue group resources that come directly from an islander. We hope you find inspiration and empathy with these words from Virgin Islander Andrea Durham Niermeier.

Photos from Andrea Durham Niermeier

You can find the original post from Andrea here:

“I need your help. Read for a moment and IMAGINE. Imagine knowing that a huge storm is coming but not being able to the get the supplies you need: you can’t just get in your car and keep driving until you find it. IMAGINE wanting to get off the island before the storm but you can’t. There are only so many seats on a plane, and you don’t have the $3000 a ticket to get one of them. IMAGINE being huddled with your family in complete darkness in a small corner of your house for hours with water pooling around you and the roof disappearing above you. Hear the deafening sound of the wind: ears popping and the banging and clanging of debris—your belongings—being tossed around. Imagine the first thought upon seeing the devastation around you being, “Thank God. We made it. We are alive” because for many moments you just weren’t sure.

Now IMAGINE a world with no power: no refrigerator, no air conditioning, no running water. Imagine this for MONTHS. IMAGINE no escape from mosquitoes. IMAGINE being 37 weeks pregnant or having a son with a serious medical condition and hearing that the hospital has been destroyed. IMAGINE that after 72 hours you still can’t get past your street because it is too blocked by debris: that the only aid has been if you can somehow make it many miles to pick up a few meals and some bottled water. IMAGINE thinking that no one is coming for you. IMAGINE the desperation this breeds and the wrong turns this can take. IMAGINE being largely ignored by media because you are yesterday’s news. This is happening NOW in the U.S. in the Virgin Islands. These are the stories of my friends.

I vouch for each of these initiatives as I personally know the persons involved or fully trust the organization. These are islanders who personally know the needs of islanders helping islanders.
1. The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) has been around for 25 years and has started The FUND FOR THE VIRGIN ISLANDS to provide monies for critical needs in the Virgin Islands. Note that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the cause with no fees being charged. More info here: Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
2. This GoFund Me was created by two bad-ass business women of the Virgin Islands. I know Sarah personally, and she is one of the most charitable women I know. She has always done so much for the island. Their efforts have already brought at least one load of supplies to the island.  Go Fund Me Irma Relief Fund
3. This Adopt-a-Family was created by another group of awesome women. Pam is organized and gets shit done. You can lift up an island family in their time of need by putting items directly in the hands of that family once the post office is up and running. More info here: Adopt-a-Family
4. Do you like basketball? VI native Tim Duncan wants you to help him raise funds for the VI here: Tim Duncan VI Relief Letter and fund that he started with a $250,000 and will match up to $1 million
5. Do you like country music? Part-time VI resident Kenny Chesney asks for your help here: Kenny Chesney’s fundraiser for USVI

If you have $5 to spare, please help by donating to an organization that speaks to your heart. If you don’t have $5, please share this post.

In addition to contributing to some of these efforts, I’m personally working on something that will address the future of the Virgin Islands: the children. My hope is to put together trauma bags for children and families so that they can process what they’re experiencing in the days, weeks, and months ahead in the healthiest way possible. These will include items popular in play therapy as well as information for families. If you think you may have some resource or connections to help, please message me. More details soon…..

Finally, leave a message on this post when you donate. Let’s show the VI #wegotyou #VIstrong.”


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Sitting in the mountains of Colorado watching skies grow light as the sun starts to rise over the Continental Divide, our hearts and thoughts are with those in Texas and Louisiana. It is easy to feel helpless during dire times but there are things that we can all do to help from anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, August 29 Which Wich in Frisco, CO will be donating 20% of their proceeds all day long to Harvey relief efforts. They are also taking collections of diapers, clothing, baby formula and other necessities for people who are in shelters.

Some other charities that you can donate to:

RED CROSS: Visit, call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

SAVE THE CHILDREN: “Our emergency responders are working around the clock to provide family-friendly supplies and services to Hurricane Harvey survivors. Your support will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families. A gift of $100 can provide a secure crib for a little one living in a shelter, help supply a safe space in shelters for 20 displaced children or many other items that are needed to care for the littlest survivors.”

PORTLIGHT INCLUSIVE DISASTER STRATEGIES: 501(C)3 that provides emergency assistance to people with disabilities. “We have been working closely with the Houston Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, disability organizations, TX state government, the FEMA Regional Disability Integration Specialist and Partnership member organizations from across the country. Portlight has also joined forces with the Cajun Navy to optimize our shared commitment to rescuing people and with Trach Mommas to begin the process of getting disability supplies to people who need them to maintain their health and independence. We are also partnering with Anthem, and appreciate their generous assistance for our hotline and disaster relief efforts.”

TEXAS DIAPER BANK: Texas Diaper Bank supports the basic needs of babies, children with disabilities and vulnerable senior citizens.

GALVESTON COUNTY FOOD BANK, CORPUS CHRISTI FOOD BANK, HOUSTON FOOD BANK: Online cash donations can be made to support the immediate need that these food banks will be fulfilling for hurricane victims.

SPCA of TEXAS: “The SPCA of Texas is putting every available resource behind assisting pets and people who have evacuated the Gulf Coast to the North Texas area. We are deploying staff, volunteers and supplies to support evacuees housed at the mega shelter opening today in Dallas, working with city and county disaster officials to care for the pets of evacuees.” You can also donate in-kind through their Amazon Wish List.

ALL HANDS VOLUNTEERS: “We provide positive and productive volunteer opportunities, assisting communities affected by natural disaster. Come help us as we muck, gut, construct, sanitize, demolish and repair homes, schools and hospitals around the world. Not to mention all the other amazing stuff we’ve done – education and training programs, fundraising initiatives, tree planting, well building and more!” All Hands Volunteers’ Response team has reached Texas and is currently in a staging position in San Antonio. All Hands are in contact with emergency management officials, to determine where services are needed most.

Be cautious of who you donate to. Times of need bring out the best in people, unfortunately they can also bring out charlatans. You can research any charity through Charity Navigator before making a donation.

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SketchUp is the cornerstone of our Project Management Modeling process. When they learned about what we were doing up here in Summit County, they came up with some cameras to see for themselves what this PMM thing was all about.

One of the best ways to understand what it is like to intimately know your home before construction starts and to have an active part in the design of your dream home, is to speak with people who have experienced it from the client end. Enter Donna and Bruce: Trilogy homeowners, retired professors and full-time Summit County residents in the Silverthorne neighborhood of Hamilton Creek.

Much of this home was designed during “real-time design sessions” in the Trilogy office. This is where everyone’s imagination runs wild and Michael sketches in the computer to give these ideas life and show what they would look like in a real world application. Donna’s water feature was dreamed up during a real-time design session at the Trilogy offices. Bruce’s office built-in’s were also done in a real-time design sessions. There was space in the lower level that could have been wasted in a lesser thought out design, that became a hidden office with a sliding bookcase for when their son visits. Bruce has a workshop space to fix his bikes. Every inch of the home was examined for efficiency and owner approved before we broke ground.

One of the most beautiful design aspects of their mountain modern home in Hamilton Creek is the chartreuse and yellow colors that pop throughout the home. When the aspen leaves turn gold in the fall it looks like Donna and Michael went for a walk in the woods to pluck the colors right from nature. You can see a few of those shots in this video.

Thanks to Donna and Bruce for graciously opening up their home to the SketchUp video crew, and to our friends at SketchUp for always being curious about how their product impacts industries and lives around the globe.



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By: Emily Wallace


Every year, Pantone chooses a color for people to focus on and to bring to light in their everyday lives. The 2017 Pantone color of the year is greenery; a symbol of new beginnings. The fresh and fun shade gives light to previously dull and boring aspects.

Green is essentially the color of nature itself. Beautiful shades of green are found all throughout the world. A person can not look at something thriving in nature and not be in awe. Living in a mountain community, we are surrounded with the amazing fullness of nature and greenery. Greenery incorporates nature and prosperity into a home to liven it up but also making it a place of serenity from people’s hectic lives outside their home.

While Trilogy is known for setting trends and not following them, a design goal of Trilogy Partners is often to “bring the outside in.” Our clients hear this phrase often and most people who are building a home in Colorado want to embrace nature. We embrace Pantone’s color of the year because it emphasizes how important bringing natural elements into your inside environment is. Feel more connected and more serene while enjoying the 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery.

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Architectural Digest reached out to Interior Designers for thoughts on great design for every style. Trilogy Partners’ Interior Design is driven by the client. You can see in our portfolio that each home is as unique as the owner. These quotes represent our design philosophy of allowing the space and the people who occupy it to determine design.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

Some of our favorites quotes:

THE TRADITIONALIST “It has to be a subtle, un-strident mix, and the key, of course, is getting the personality of both house and those living in it right.” —Nicky Haslam

THE ICONOCLAST “Being an iconoclast is a state of mind and heart. It’s having a free spirit, finding inspiration everywhere, and not minding rules. It’s appreciating the raw and natural, finding beauty in anomalies.” —Kelly Wearstler

THE MINIMALIST “I like to try to achieve a calm serenity in my work. I want to create interiors that allow furniture, art, and, of course, architecture space to breathe—but there must always be a warmth in the atmosphere.” —Rose Uniacke

THE MODERNIST “We often think of the principal responsibility of a modern interior, particularly one in a project with a beautiful site or a great view, as staying out of the way.” —Steven Harris


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Trilogy Partners of Summit County, CO

Awarded Best Of Houzz 2017


Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals in North America and Around the World


Breckenridge, CO, January 31, 2017 –Trilogy Partners of Summit County, CO has won “Best Of Service” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The build design firm, established in 1998 by Michael Rath, was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.


Customer Service Houzz honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2016. A “Best Of Houzz 2017” badge will appear on winners’ profiles, as a sign of their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.


“We strive everyday to exceed client’s expectations with uncompromising design and transparency. The Houzz recognition for Best of Service is a testament to what we do every day in our offices,” Michael Rath, Trilogy Partners Head of Design and CEO.


“We’re so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals, including Trilogy Partners,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. “Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping to turn their home improvement dreams into reality.”

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It has been a busy fall for Trilogy Partners with completing projects, entering into new design phases for upcoming projects and presenting three homes during the 22nd annual Summit County Parade of Homes. We are the most awarded design build firm in Summit County bringing home a total of 9 awards.

310 High Park Court Silverthorne (3-5k square foot category)

Best Exterior and Elevation

Best Kitchen

Best Interior Finishes

Best Interior Furnishings

Best Overall

126 Hamilton Creek Trail Silverthorne (5-6k square foot category)

Best Exterior and Elevation

Best Kitchen

157 Riverwood Drive Breckenridge (Remodel Category)

Best Exterior Aesthetics

Best Interior Aesthetic Alteration

Even more exciting than sharing three of our extraordinary homes with over 3,000 people was showing our cutting edge Building Information Modeling with the public. We had the media room on Hamilton Creek set up to show real time design sessions done in SketchUp. This exciting opportunity showed people that they do not have to settle for 2D drawings and the “trust me” approach of most design build companies. Our clients are part of every design session and see their home come to life right in front of their eyes. If this is something you are interested in click on the ‘contact us’ button.

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Trilogy’s Partners revolutionary design process puts you in the driver seat.

The old way of design is to pick out a tile sample, lay it next to a paint color, pick out furniture, maybe lay them out on a miniature mock room setup and hope for the best that the real life version will be as good as it looks in your head.

The new way of design creates your home and room layout, places the tile into the model, puts the paint color on the walls, rugs on the floor and furniture into your home. You see the model bring your home to life right in front of you. Experience the freedom of options and choice with Trilogy Partners design team.

Trilogy Partners

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Have a seat with your own dedicated design team. Let your imagination fly while our designers bring your ideas to life. Create your dream space all with the comfort of knowing this project is within your set budget.

With Trilogy Partners you are continually kept in the loop and in control of your budget and your money. Our transparent budgeting and draw process sends clients bi-weekly emails that detail where the project budget is up to that very day. The email details any line item that is over or under budget and lists why.

During a project with Trilogy Partners there are several steps that you will be involved in while designing and building your dream home. The very first step is a discovery period where a retainer is collected and your architect is brought on board to start working with our design and build team. At this point we sign a Memorandum of Understanding. This document identifies the scope of work, outlines costs and fees for services, performance, construction lending, and project start date.

After the discovery period we enter the design phase. This is your opportunity to unleash your creative side and be an integral part of your home’s design. You will sit down with Trilogy’s design team for real-time design sessions. See your home come to life as you design alongside our team and they make your dreams come to life through 3D modeling right in front of you.

Next step is a construction contract and build phase. The construction contract specifies the bi-weekly draws for your project and dates. Once we break ground you have daily photo and job updates bringing you into the construction process from anywhere in the world.

We provide total transparency for the cost of the project to keep everyone on track throughout the building of your dream home. If we find savings, our clients know about it in real time. The same goes if an item is over-budget, we can examine where we can make up that cost. Trilogy’s budgeting process keeps our clients informed and on track to honor their budget.

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